February 18, 2017

Sunday Selfie - Precious

Happy Sunday, furriends!

I look a little perturbed because I was trying to strike a pose with our cat lamp,
but the Mom broke my concentration.

See?  It would have been a really great photo too if the human hadn't bee so darn impatient!

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Have a great day!

February 12, 2017

Strange Sunday Selfies



The human Mom has been dying to share these pics and info.
A couple of weeks ago she and the human Dad had to run up to wine country.
Did you know that wine country for us is in Northwest Arkansas???
It's true.

There are about a dozen wineries in Arkansas and 6 of them reside in a small community about 
an hour and a half from our home.

All of them seem to have pet dogs about.  We have no clue why, but we like that they are animal friendly. (One place even has a pond with ducks and a duck house!)

All that talk of wine has made me thirsty.
I think I will just hang out here in the sink until Mom decides to turn it on for me.

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February 4, 2017

Sunday Selfie - Princeton

Trying to look thoughtful and brooding in this selfie.
Mom says it just looks like I'm plotting nefarious activity. Ha!

Nevertheless, I am hopping this Sunday with my furriends over at THE CAT ON MY HEAD.
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January 28, 2017

Snuggly Sunday Selfie

Snug as two bugs in a rug.
The Dad  left the heated mattress pad on and we are taking
full advantage of it.
We're not budging from this spot.
At least not until we hear the first food can crack open.

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January 21, 2017

Sunday Selfie X 3


There are so many things this Sunday Selfie says.

1.  Mom's cleaning, all kittehz on the tree! (cause the tree is in the middle of the room)

2.  Preslee obviously got to the tree first because he's on top.

3.  Precious thinks she's too cool for these young whippersnappers.

The cat tree had to stay in the middle of the floor for half a day, because Mom couldn't move it with all of us on it.

We are hopping with those sweet kittehz from THE CAT ON MY HEAD.
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