July 15, 2017

Sunday Selfie - Princeton

We've definitely got the hots now.
The humans whine about it all the time. (especially the Mommy)
She whines about how the humidity frizzes her hair, too.
Maybe if she would let us groom her a little more, it wouldn't frizz so much...

Gotta dash, I'm headed back to the catio to bake a little longer.  Hee-hee.
Have a great Sunday!

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July 9, 2017

Sunday Selfies -King Punapippuri

Hello dear furriends.
This Sunday Selfie couldn't pass without paying proper respect
to our furriend, King PUNAPIPPURI.

Mom snitched this pic of him (sorry, Aiti) from their blog.
it's a marvelous photo of the fearless King braving the cold Finnish air.

King P left his royal subjects this past week for the Bridge.
He leaves behind lots of loving fursiblings and a devoted human.
Let us raise our paws in a toast to celebrate the life of the greatest peemailer of them all -
King Punapippuri!

We'll see you on the other side of the Bridge, dear King.

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July 1, 2017

Sunday Selfie - Princeton

Hi furriends!
I had the human Mom help me with my selfie this week.
She cut my feetsies off!
I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  She is a slapdash photographer, at best.
To appease me she said she was mostly focused on my glorious stripes.
I had to agree that my stripes are pretty grand.

We want to wish all our US furriends a Happy (and safe and hopefully quiet) 4th of July.

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